Quick lunchtime project

Ok, I cheated a little and did the CAD last night before bed - but the rest was done over lunchtime today.

I have a bit of a thing for fountain pens and recently took advantage of a sale to pick up a bunch of ink samples. So I needed a way to organize them. With my new needle cutter for the MPCNC working so well I figured it was a good excuse to cut some foam and learn how to prepare DXF’s in onshape.

First step was to go a little overboard modeling an ink sample vial for scale…had to use a loft instead of an extrusion since the vials are very slightly tapered. Then drew up the parts quick and dirty. I just went with 5mm thickness which left things a little loose as dollar tree foamboard is actually more like 4.8mm - but I was in a rush and wasn’t going for super fancy:

[attachment file=39244]

That’s looking pretty good. And exporting DXF’s from sketches in onshape turns out to be super simple, just right click - hit export and select DXF. Easy Peasy.

Pulled them into estlcam, generated 6mm deep engraving cuts on all paths at 20mm/s and got my gcode.

Fired up the new needle cutter:

[attachment file=39245]

And 3 minutes later had my parts…my glue gun hadn’t even finished heating up!

But once it did:

[attachment file=39246]

Not bad…but do the vials fit?

[attachment file=39247]

Woo Hoo!

Except…for some reason I thought I only had 12 ink samples. Turns out I actually have 16…and more on the way. So…need to redraw this as a 3 row 18 vial stand! But the quick and dirty way I modeled it causes the sketches to blow up when I try to do that…so easier to just start over which I’ll do tonight.

May also try to get a little fancy and do score cuts leaving flaps along the exposed edges so I can peel off the foam then wrap the paper around for a more finished look. Might as well also adjust the tab sizes to be more accurate, and add tabs to the back/bottom so the whole thing can assemble without glue even if I still plan on gluing it.

If anyone wants them here’s the Onshape link:

And here’s my exported DXF’s, estlcam 10 project, and generated gcode:

Overall not a bad way to use the last 15 minutes of my lunch break :smiley: