quick questions on first build.

I’m getting ready to start my final assembly on my first MPCNC, 24 x 24 two questions.

z gantry height I was thinking 6" should I go lower? 4" or 3"? I’m thinking 3" would be tight if the bit is 1.5?

Second question, The tool mount, there is a 4mm and a 6-32" witch one do i use? (I printed both) i can’t see a deference in them.

I have a feeling I’m going to feel dumb when i get this answer.

Thanks in advance.


I’m pretty sure the difference between the tool mounts is the size of the hole for nuts. I printed the 6-32 and the nuts were snug.

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Per Ryan, “The higher, the more unstable” 3 or 4" is good. If you need more Z, build your table with a hole in the middle to go lower. Then you can get up to 6" Z height as long as your piece is below your tabletop. 3 inches above and 3 inches below.

Only one of the nuts will fit. Easy, the other won’t fit. :slight_smile:

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I’ll go 4" on the z AS this is my first endeavor i don’t want to make it to default to get started.




What LED controller case is that? looks nice

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I like it, you can tell the guy put some thought in to it,

best regards