Radius Mill bit for finish pass on 2.5D relief?

Would this type of Radius Mill bit be good for finish pass on 2.5D relief? Or any other from this store?


You do not want a radius mill for carving you are looking for a ball end.

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Thank you for answer. Is ball end same as ball nose end mill?


That one is under steel-plate. I am asking for that store because I would order some other bits from them and I am not sure if they have right bits for finish pass for relief.

That will work but it is small and coated. Typically we use 3-4mm diameter and just plain carbide. I think you are over thinking it a bit. Anything will work really you are just looking for least expensive and you don;t want it to take forever. I have no idea how much detail you expect so I can not really give you suggestions on diameter other than that is smaller than usual. It will give higher detail but will have smaller stepover which will take longer, sometimes a lot.

Maybe if you gave us an idea of how large your piece will be and the desired amount of detail. Really high detail and you can just go with a vbit. Although I am just guessing as to what you want to do with it.

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thank you for advice :slight_smile: . I ordered 4mm and also some v-bits and I will try