RAMBO 1.3 Arduino 1.8.5 What Marlin should I run

Hello all,

I have the Rambo 1.3 and want a dual endstop setup. I use Arduino 1.8.5 to upload to the Rambo. What Marlin version should I be uploading in order to get the dual endstops on each axis?

Also, where exactly should the endstops go? both on one rail at the min and max or one on the min of one rail and the max of the other?



Start here, and come back if that hasn’t answered all your questions.



That’s actually where i started. As per the instructions I needed to install Arduino 1.9. Upon compiling Marlin 2.0 within Arduino I got dozens and dozens of error messages. I tried under Rambo and Mega 2560 under the board manager. To no avail. So I rolled backed to Arduino 1.8.5


The link takes me to Marlin version 1.1.5 - im guessing this is what I should use and not 2.0 beta

Are you able to tell me whether or not the 1.1.8 contains the dual endstop firmware?

Thanks for your time.


Not 1.9, arduino nightly (1.8.6) and a temp directory change. There is a beta section in the firmware page with more details.

ight now flashing Marlin 2.0 requires an Arduino IDE edit, when this is fixed I will update this.

You can use the nightly (1.8.6), the beta does not work now 3/20/18.

  • Open arduino
  • File/Preferences
  • Make note of the directory at the bottom, “more preferences”
  • Open that file with notepad
  • 3rd line down, “build.path=c:\tmp” works for me…
  • Todd posted some pics – in the forums.
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