Rambo 1.4 case (Lowrider CNC 2)

Okay, so I printed the case that @vicious1 has made for the Rambo/Archim board…I can’t find anywhere to put it lol.

I started designing my own case to fit the lowrider Y-Plates and figured I’d share my progress here. I haven’t printed this yet, nor is it a final design, but here’s where I’m at so far…

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 9.53.56 PM

Let me know what you guys think! Is this a problem others have run into?


Looks really neat. You will need to make room for the bolt heads though:

Maybe you have, under the cover.

I have! You can almost see it in the last picture near the inside of the Z motor notch. There are 3 bolt heads that needed clearance. I could post renders of the inside too (and probably should) so it’s more clear what’s going on here


This is kind of what the base will look like in more detail…still need some tweaking I think, but you get the idea. And as you can see, I did account for the bolt heads in the base plate

Edit: I’m thinking now about the lower bearing assembly, I may have some interference. Will check tomorrow and design accordingly if need be



I would expect some people to use 1/4" material or even 1/8" aluminum for the plate.

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Okay, so no interference with the lower bearing assemblies. Phew! :sweat_smile:

And I changed from a “screw and post” design to a snap together case…once I just double-check to make sure the design accounts for screw lengths I can buy (to avoid cutting), I might give this a print and see what needs to be changed. I decided I’ll probably take a similar design approach on the other side of the Y-Plate for a raspberry pi (for headless operation).

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 7.00.14 PM

I also took the recesses for the bolt heads all the way through. No reason they can’t be, and it makes printing much easier. A bit of fit and finish on this and I’ll give it a shot!


It’s closer to resembling a design I’m ready to print - I mocked up the Rambo’s basic dimensions and had to move the stand offs a bit, but I think this should work.


I love when a plan comes together


That looks really nice. I just ordered parts last week to start my build. If the design is something you want to share I would be interested in the future. I still have a few tasks to complete on my side to get to this point but I think it looks really nice.

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Oh of course! Will be posting files soon


Just testing the design out first! Once I make sure that ventilation is sufficient and whatnot, I’ll upload the files.

So far, everything fits! That’s good news

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Did you ever get this uploaded? Im very interested in using this for my Lowrider build.

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Same, was it ever uploaded it looks just right!

Oh I guess I haven’t yet! I do have the file, I will get it uploaded today

Thank you

where are you going to upload it? can you send the link


I too am interested in trying this case when you get the files uploaded.

I would also love to test this case out!

I’ve been remodeling my house and my desktop is unhooked, I just need to access my fusion and save the files, so that’s what’s taking me so long I’m sorry!

Does anyone know if there’s a way to save or export files from the website or mobile?

Looks like I’ve figured out how to export from the web. However, I’ve just exported them into f3d file formats and put them all into a zip. If you need stl files, it will be another week or so!


Thank you!!

just converted to STL and will print this week

will let you know how it goes