Rambo 1.4 Did I blow a driver?

I had everything moving using RH and then I started to add limit switches. I guess I put one in upside down because it turned off all the lights to the board. I got that fixed and things are homing, but I lost my Y2 stepper. It no longer moves. I tried swapping Y1 and Y2 and the stepper motor is good. I have cycled power and removed all the limit switch connections and the Y2 stepper no longer moves or holds its position. Did I fry my driver, or is there something else I could of done to cause this?

Have you checked the fuses? I would have expected that to blow a fuse and leave the drivers alone.

I tried to find details about fuses, but the only reference to them I have found is for heated bed, logic, and all motors. Since 4 of the 5 motors work I don’t think its one of those 3 fuses.

I’ve done that (twice) and my rambo came out OK. I know that isn’t terribly helpful, but thought it might give you some hope.