Rambo 1.4 on an Ender 5

Hello, I’ve been searching the forums for my answers prior to writing this and have learned a lot. I’m doing a somewhat unconventional build, installing a RAMBo 1.4 board on a stock Ender 5 Pro machine. I wanted the built-in safeties on the board, and eventually want to build my own 3DP/CNC machine when I have the knowledge to do so.

I’ve worked through most of my questions, mapping servo pins and configuring Marlin appropriately. I’m absolutely stuck on the LCD though…using the stock 12864 display, what definitions do I need to use in Marlin? The default for my machine is #define CR10_STOCKDISPLAY. Does this definition set both the board controller and LCD selection, do I need two separate definitions for each? I’ve been scouring the internet for firmware uploads to see if anyone else has done my setup before and have been unsuccessful so far.

There is a config line similar to REPRAP__FULL_DISCOUNT_DISPLAY that you need to enable. It is probably incompatible with the CR10 display, so you should comment that out.

I’m not sure why you would be mapping servo pins though. If it has something to do with the display, you should know there are those displays for about $10 that just plug in without changing any pins, or doing any tiny wiring.

For my probe (BLTouch). I’ve tried both the CR10_STOCKDISPLAY and the REPRAP_DISPLAY, neither seems to work. Just can’t seem to figure this one out, but the machine is otherwise functional without the display.

To add, I get the display to light up but it’s just all dots.

Is it wired right? You can rotate each plug, or swap them, or both.

I don’t know anything about the cr10 display. It may not be pin for pin compatible.

I’ve been doing some reading, I think my issue is I’m compiling in the mega2560 env, not the rambo env. So theres unmapped pins. Working on fixing that now, reading up on how to modify the pio ini.

FYI, MarlinBuilder releases has preconfigured files for the mini rambo and for the mp3dp. It may be a useful comparison.

Thank you, I’ve been looking at those. It seems like my setup is just different enough to cause issues, and I’m sure it has to do with the RAMBo 1.4 board’s new LCD headers and I’m missing something. I just can’t get the LCD to work, everything else is pretty simple. I’m at the point where I think I need to chuck the standard ribbon cable I’m trying to use, and start mapping out pin to pin connections tracing the schematics on both devices…and I’m just really not stoked about doing that. Might just forget about the LCD for now.

Before you try that. Make sure you try rotating them, and swapping them. This is a common issue on the standard rambo and screen. The ribbon cables are often keyed backward too, so you have to cut off the key.

Yea, been down that road. I either get a dead screen, or at most the backlight is lit and I get a full 128x64 of dots. Encoder doesn’t do anything and if I press it I get beeps.

You may also consider buying a new screen. Maybe the cr10 one has a different pinout.

Already on order :D. I wasted a day trying to figure it out because my main goal here is to get better with the environment, learn the board, and just further my education as a whole because I want to build my own machine one day. I bought a RAMBo board because I liked how powerful it was, and that it had lots of built-in protections, but I might’ve bitten off more than I could chew.

It will all click into place shortly. This all should be pretty trivial, except maybe configuring marlin. But we try to make that easy with marlinbuilder.