Rambo 1.4 problem

Hi all. Just wondering. Got my rambo 1.4 board and the e0 and e1 stepper slots don’t seem to be working. As this was a replacement board I was super careful about static etc. X, Y and Z are obeying movement fine, just no life from the other two. Am I missing something??? Has anyone had this issue. Ref: MPCNC. (here’s hoping)

Did you order it from Ryan? He might have flashed it with the serial firmware, not the dual endstop firmware. I don’t know how he decides, but I know if you include a dual stepper wiring kit it comes with dual. If not, I’m not sure what he does.

You can tell easily enough, just look for the number in the version like 427. 427D is dual endstop.

If you have the wrong version, it is easy enough to flash. Here are the instructions:


Thanks for that Jeff. I got it from Ryan. I also ordered the dual ends tops . I can’t see any “427 or 427D”??. Late in the day now and my head is fried. I’ll try the flash thingy tomorrow.

Another easy way to tell is to send M119. If it has X2 and Y2, then it is the dual endstop version.

The 427D shows up when Repetier host or something connects.