Rambo 3D print Firmware - Error Heating Failed

Hey Ryan,

Could you please send me your Rambo (full board not mini) 3D print firmware ?

I need to change the Z axis movement as the leadscrew I have 1 revolution moves 10mm (I had this already)

Also I’m having a problem turning on the heat to the extruder:

I have the machine up and running (successful crown drawing test) and am hitting a problem when I manually turn on the heat cartridge for the extruder I get an Error:heating Failed, system Stopped Heater_ID:0 This comes up after about 10seconds in ESTLCAM

I’ve checked the thermistor 100K resistance room temp and this drops when heated

I’ve checked the Heater cartridge and it does heat (its hot after the 10seconds and drives the thermistor resistance down when I manually measure resistance unplugged from the board.

The current firmware is what was pre-loaded on the board (purchased from yourself) and the extruder is the mk8 also from your site.

Current firmware name is: Marlin bugfix-2.0.x github Machine type:3d printer

Thanks in advance,


They are all here, even my beta Marlin 2.0.


You will need to enable the hot end by changing the first hot end thermistor value to 11 in the firmware.

i think im having this same heating issue, how do i edit the firmware?

Are you using firmware with the hotend enabled. If you do need to edit my firmware you can open it with the Arduino IDE and change the first thermistor value to match your hot end.

I ended up reflashing to the hot end enabled firmware and now it prints great! Is it correct that the only way to “edit” the firmware is to edit the file on my computer then flash to it? Thanks!

Some settings are stored on the Arduino. Those settings can be changed by gcode, and saved with the save eeprom command. Some of them are available on the LCD screen too. Repetier has a settings menu for the gcode ones. Some things are only available to change through the files used to flash the code through Arduino.


I’m getting the same error. Bought my Mini Rambo from Ryan about a month ago.

Opening the Arduino file is a little overwhelming at first.

I intend on getting fully versed with arduino eventually, but in the mean time, I want to get my printer up and running. :smiley:

A ctrl+F for thermistor leads me to this batch of text first.

Am I in the right place to change the thermistor value?

Or is the MPCNC813MRAmbo_EB_GLCD arduino file I downloaded different then what was pre-flashed, and all I have to do is re-flash it?


Yeah if you flash the EB firmware you should be good to go.