RAMBo boards ETA?

I want to apologise first cause I know this is something Ryan has no control over, but could I get an estimate on when will these boards be available? I bought the Primo Kit with everything but the Control Board cause they were out of stock.

From the ‘Contact’ page:

Rambo Boards are on order but Ulimachine is doing their best to keep up with increased demand.

You can be notified of an items restocking by signing up in the shop for an email.

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Yeah, sorry for the lack of info. I placed and paid for my order a long while back. I was told they are working on increasing production capabilities and my order is scheduled for the end of this month. That is all I have. once they are made they take about a week to get packed and shipped.

I have skr boards available and they seem to be doing great so far.

Hey Ryan thank you for your reply!.
Would you recommend a complete newbee like myself get an SKR board?, or should I wait?, is there a diference in setup difficulty or in performace?.

Currently I can say “flashing” it is much easier, using it real world is identical.

I went ahead and purchased the SKR board… keeping finger crossed it works out for me…

Anyone knows where I can file a case for this board to 3D print? with lcd preferably.

I have not made one or even looked for one yet…I did a couple sketches though.

I made this case and posted it on thingiverse in case anyone needs one.
Have not tried it yet, if anyone does please post pics.

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The boards are pretty big. The cases would be even bigger. My $0.02 is to just wire it however you can and then cnc a box.

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Hi Ryan, They are not helping my procrastination bug you know! (He says, wondering if his steel guy will stick to the price he gave in October last year… :open_mouth: ) Seriously though, I’ve been avoiding asking this question as it kind of suits me not to begin, but do you think there’ll be a time when both the board and LR kit will be in stock at the same time?

Is it possible to pay a deposit at some point and ask you to hold the shipping till it’s all together, or is it best just to scan the “shop” from time to time?

I figure if we are going to play the old “send something to the other side of the world” game, we should only do it once!

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The previous orders were split up, I assume due to covid of some sort, and sent in one box at a time. That made them sell in spurts. Although my last box lasted 3 weeks.

I drained my account with this order and can only hope it all ships at once. I am confident there will be no more supply issues for a while.

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Pro tip. The boards for the kits and the boards for sale separately are different inventory. While I sold out of separate kits a while back I just recently ran out of kit boards.

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Ryan, it seems my Primo Kit did not include the limit switches… :sob:
Please let me know what to do!.

I went ahead and purchased them from your website. Could you please ship them ASAP? and if possible send them via UPS instead of USPS?. Order #13654


The only thing that comes with switches is the Rambo kits, otherwise you need to purchase them.

You can 100% use you machine without them, as I do most of the time.