RAMBo controller...

Has anyone built an MPCNC using a RAMBo instead of the “recommended” controller?

If so, what firmware are you using?



What are you going to use the machine for?

Routing & plasma cutting. I’m to my neck in 3D printers, so I won’t be using it for that. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t the rambo use marlin?

It certainly can. I’ve only ever used Repetier Firmware with it.

I figured it might be easier/better to use the RAMBo than have to mess around with the pots on the stepper drivers that are on the board that came with the parts kit.

On another note, the 400W spindle I ordered arrived…except they shipped me a Hexacopter kit instead. I’m still trying to understand how they screwed up that badly…


I used to use an airwolf it had a rambo board. In the end it seems just like a ramps.

Being able to set the drive current in the firmware is nice though.


For me doing 20 boards at a time it would be nice, on the consumer end more people have a hard time flashing firmware that setting the pots. I wish I could find an affordable solution to have digipots with removable drivers…

Yeah, I suspect you run into the same segment of the population that I do - they have no business near any tool NOT marked “Fisher Price”. :slight_smile:


hahaha no comment

If you design a machine that any idiot can build, any idiot is likely to try. :slight_smile:


Google Photos
I’ll give you exhibit A.

Dude was trying to build his own omni wifi antenna and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working very well. I shopped it, because, well, look at it! We all had a laugh, told him the errors of his ways, and his second attempt worked as planned!

Heh. That’s…sad. :slight_smile: