Rambo firmware update Laser pin and set up

I noticed the rambo firmware update. what does this mean for lasers. do I still use pin 45. Do i need to change the firmware to actually run the laser.
I ask this because I have a shop laptop now that never had the firmware on it so i downloaded the firmware and didn’t notice the fact that it has been updated. I proceeded to make the change to the PIN I was directed to. Doing this caused conflicts. So i went to my desktop inside and tried the same changes and i didnt get the conflicts. This is when i realized i had two different versions. now i feel like I’m back to square one. I dont mean to complain but everywhere im told to look. there is no definitive answer it just seems vague. There is lots of jumping back and forth between different boards and code.

It is vague because there are lots of combinations and not all of them work.

This is what was set in the recent update:

That doesn’t change the laser pin. So that is still pin 45 according to the pins file:

If you need to use the 12V fan pin, you can still use M106/M107 or change that pin file to the fan pin (pin 8?)

But if your laser can use 5V, then you can use pin 45 and then M3/M5 or inline laser commands to operate it.

The hope is that these firmware changes would mean you don’t have to change the firmware to get the laser to work.

Sorry for the lack of info. You got caught right on the transistion.

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Thank you Jeff! I have successfully got my laser running since posting this. All the answers are there. I hope someone can use both your information and the info provided tome in the Golden primo build

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