RAMBo from new Kit, With LCD, power but no display?

Just got the kit today from Ryan, went with the full RAMBo and gave the kit and my RAMPS board to a friend. I wanted to use the RAMBo for fun. So I have an existing set up that works with X/Y/Z Min end stops and such.

I use a Ubuntu System with Repeatier Host for my controller via USB.

Put the new RAMBo down on the table, built up the DC Coaxial connector to supply the 12V to Pins 1-4 with a jumper. Green power light comes on, there is power to both sides of F2 Fuse, and the LCD comes on… but no actual text of any kind.

My system is unable to link to the board either.

I looks at the debugging steps and it went as far as to insure I have power on both sides of F2, and I did.

I’m open to a pointer to more TS docs :smiley:


Which screen? Flip the lcd cables. There are 4 possibility, 2 power it on, only one is correct. Reset in between each try.


Com port and baud rate?

It should not be any different than your previous board other than a new comport. It is a rambo perhaps there is a drive for linux though? No experience with that.