Rambo LCD extended wiring


I am currently in the process of upgrading my original MPCNC to the primo edition. In the process I am replacing my electronics enclusures and wiring etc. I wanted to have the LCD movable to be easier to operate, and I dont like the ribbon cables as I feel they’re fragile, and hard to get dustproof. Because of that I wanted to use round cables, and plugs to make it removable. I soldered the ribbon cables to GX20 aviation plugs, and used used round 10p cables between LCD and Enclusure.

Now to the problem, after testing this the LCD is not working properly… It is missing approxiamately half of the lines, however it is possible to navigate the menus.

Would this be caused by interference due to the non ribbon cables, or do i have a bad connection somewhere?

I have not seen that error mode before.

Ribbon cables offer very little noise reduction. They aren’t shielded and they don’t come in twisted pairs. They do have problems at long lengths, so if you made these cables longer than about 1m, you may have problems.

But since I haven’t seen this before and most people don’t rewire to connectors, my guess is there is a bad connection.

Well that sucks then… I checked all connections, and all the way from end to end it was maximum 0,5 ohms on my meter… I guess the length is the problem as the new cables are approximately 1,5m plus the original ribbon cables… guess I’ll just have to order some ribbon cables. Does the cable/plug type have a specific name?