Rambo, or Rambo Mini?

Planning out my build here and wondering if there is an advantage spending the extra on the rambo over the mini?
I was thinking end stops, but told I don’t need them on the lowrider.
I also have a hard time finding the Rambo (or mini) V1.3 in Canada, is there a big difference with the 1.2?


And actually why a rambo board instead of a ramps 1.4 and mega 2560? Then you could use different stepper drivers. Would be cheaper, and easier to fix a failure?

I gave you my opinions on the first part already.

I had to stop carrying the ramps, the DOA rate on the imports was getting real close to 50%. They have slowly been replacing components to bring the price down or profits up. The drivers were not fitting correctly and the potentiometers have been switched 2 times. First to going the wrong way, then they got extremely sensitive. The Arduino boards final straw was the 5V regulator got replaced and would pop when trying to power the LCD’s…Not worth my time. All on top of super nasty soldering that was usually the issue with bridging or lack of solder under the headers.

The Ultimachine boards (the designers of the Ramps) have improved everything about these boards. As far as I know all the ways that you could pop a driver are protected on these new gen boards (other than physical damage). So far the failure rate is zero. I have one coming back in the mail for testing but even if that is bad, 1 out of 600 or so. Not bad at all. And digipots are the bees knees!

Basically I got tired (I am sure we all did) of dealing with random Ramps issues all day everyday. Now I get to focus on CNC stuff.

As for the version differences, it should be covered in there wiki. I have not had the 1.2 so I couldn’t tell you.

Ya I was more wondering if others had ideas that would make the rambo worth it over the mini. I don’t mind spending the extra few bucks if it can be useful.

That makes sense for the rambo over the ramps and mega. I didn’t realize they had gotten so crappy.
So how are people changing the drivers with the rambo then?

I can still touch plate with the mini, right?

Maybe I should upgrade to ramps…

You’ve just mentioned about every problem I’ve had with my Ramps board.

Why would you need to change the driver? I’ve seen printers powered up from back feeding power through the drivers by moving the hot end around really fast. You’ve seriously gotta screw up to pop the driver on a rambo board. Changing the step rate and power is just a couple lines of code.