RAMBO v1.3 + CNC.js

Hey all,

I built a MPCNC two summers ago and was using RAMPS + OctoPi, had to tear it down due to space constraints but now have resurrected it. Anyways this time I’m using a RAMBO board and would like to use CNC.js as my headless server interface. I have the Pi setup with CNC.js and I believe that I can connect to the RAMBO board (I’m using non-Dual endstop firmware) using the Pi but I can’t issue any commands to it. I have the baud rate set to 250000 but still nothing. I confirmed with Repetier that all of the axes can move but CNC.js gives me nothing.

Any help / suggestions that you could provide would be most excellent.


Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

So as an update: I was able to get it working. Not sure what was broken but to solve it I ended up reinstalling CNC.js using the instructions on the CNC.js wikipage. Now to the calibration of the machine!


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