RAMBo v1.4 E0/X2 driver issues

I’ve just finished my build and started testing, having issues with the E0/X2 driver port.

My setup:
RAMBo v1.4 board from V1
V1CNC_Rambo_Dual firmware from V1
Full Graphic LCD Controller from V1
Dual endstop wiring kit from V1
NEMA 17 Steppers from SteppersOnline PN:17HS19-2004S1

It seems that the E0/X2 driver on the board is not working properly. All of the other drivers are running steppers smoothly and consistently. When a stepper is plugged into the E0/X2 driver port the shaft shakes back and forth not moving and makes a loud noise that the others do not. I have tried multiple steppers plugged into this port and they all do the same thing, when plugged into different driver ports they work fine. I flashed the board with the V1CNC_Rambo_Dual firmware. I’m testing manually from the LCD and the crown file off an SD card currently, I have the X belts removed as I did not want to rack the frame. With the belts connected the side with E0/X2 would drag along with the stepper on the other side and shake the axis. Not sure if this is software/settings related or a bad board.

Please advise on how to proceed as I don’t want to ruin anything.

Can you post the output of a M119 command.

Shaking usually means wrong microstepping selected but that should not be a problem with my firmware, it is confirmed good.

Thanks for getting back, below is the output from the M119 command:

20:22:07.469 : N116 M119*44
20:22:07.474 : Reporting endstop status
20:22:07.474 : x_min: open
20:22:07.474 : x2_min: open
20:22:07.474 : y_min: open
20:22:07.474 : y2_min: open
20:22:07.474 : z_min: open

All of the endstops show as TRIGGERED when M119 is run and the micro switches are depressed.

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X Studdering stepper
X Good Stepper
Y Good Stepper

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It looks like it is skipping steps to me. Are you sure it isn’t a wiring problem? You said you swapped motors, so I’m not sure if a wiring problem would follow that. If there was a wire crossed, it would also look like that. I would take a close look at the wires. And then a close look at the port on the rambo.

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Worked with it more today and was able to get it working correctly. Not exactly sure what caused the issue however after re-flashing the firmware again, connecting the board to Repetier-Host, running the M119 command, and getting a good night’s sleep it seems to be working well today. Not 100% sure what fixed it but I’m going to run with it for now and see how it goes. Now to figure out the carving software!

Thanks for all your help and work on this project!


Yeah, the problem followed the port on the board not the wires. The wires are an uncut and unmolested dual endstop kit plugged directly into the wires from the steppers, zip-tied, and heat shrunk. Not to say it couldn’t be a wiring issue however unlikely. It’s working now, time will tell!

Thanks for the reply!