Rambo vs Mini-Rambo, plus Printed Parts question

So, I’m ready to buy the parts I need from Ryan to start my LR2 build but have a couple more questions that I can’t seem to solve myself.

1: Rambo vs Mini-Rambo? From what I can gather, the big difference is being able to use dual end stops with the Rambo. It seems most people aren’t doing this, but my LR2 is going to “mostly” be a plasma CNC machine (with CNC Routing being done as well once I get the plasma part working and figure out the logistics of it all). I’m thinking with a plasma torch, having some limit switches might be a good thing, but I’m not sure if they are necessary considering the way the LR2 is designed. Anyone have any thoughts/advice on this?

2: With the printed parts being out of stock, I was just going to cut my own out of MDF but I am having problems getting them to print out on paper in full scale so I can then use that as a template. I think I might have figured it out by exporting the files in Draftsight as a PDF and setting the paper size larger then what is needed. I’m not sure if the scale is right though so any input would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am using the 25.4mm (1”) version of the LR2 printed parts.

Thanks everyone for your help and a huge Thank You to Ryan for these designs!!

Thanks for the compliments.


You can print 1 to 1, measure, view DXF’s with this free SolidWorks tool.

Awesome! Thanks for the response Ryan! I meant what I said. I’ve been looking for a CNC Plasma machine for a while but even the “hobbies” ones are several $1000 without the plasma cutter. What you have designed is amazing!

If the creator says Mini, then Mini it is!!

Also, thanks for the info on the printing!!

So if I order the LR2 Bundle with the Mini and an LCD I should be all set? A friend is printing out the plastic parts, the Stainless Steel rails I can get locally and the flat parts I am going to cut myself. I don’t think I am missing anything?

Ill be placing my order in a few minutes!