Rambo w/ LCD control knob not functioning/ also steppers "singing"

Just got my MPCNC up and running. However the knob on the LCD only works as button. Turning it does nothing. What could be wrong?
Also my steppers motors are quite vocal. They seem to sing as they move. Is this normal?

thanks for the help.

The singing is normal. You will find many videos on YouTube where steppers are used to play music. Assuming you have a V1 display board and unmodified V1 firmware on the control board, the knob turning problem is likely a hardware issue. Pull the ribbon cables off the display and check for bent pens at both the board end and the display end. If you have a multimeter, check the continuity of each of the wires in the ribbon cable.

Thanks. I thought it was but wanted to be sure.

I will check pins and cable tonight. It is a v1 display and rambo board. If all checks and still no go what are my next steps?

Ryan stands behind the products he sells, so I’m sure he will exchange it. If you did not want to wait for an exchange, the display board is available on Amazon for $15. It is remotely possible the issue is with the Rambo board, though I’ve never seen this kind of problem on the forum.

will get one ordered and see how it turns out. thanks.