Rambo X-Min reporting as TRIGGERED, won't clear

Title says it all. Brand new board, new wires, switches and all. Doesn’t matter what switch I connect it to or different wire set I use, it’s always triggered. If this means the end stops are bad on the board, can I completely bypass them and not use endstops at all?

How do you have the endstops wired? M119 doesn’t change when you have trigger the endstop? Dual endstop or not? What firmware? Where did you buy the board?

I suggest re-flashing just in case.

Spoke too soon! Had a bad wire. Redid the wiring and it’s all reporting correctly now. Really should label these darn things. Thanks again!

Oh, BTW, what did you use to mount the end stops to the dual bracket? Looks like a zip tie but I can’t fit anything I have through that tiny opening. I’m using the twist ties that held the wire bundles together…

Yup tiny zip ties, or M2.5mm screws.

Ok, last question I think. I bought the kit from the website here for the dual end stops and RAMBo. The endstop wires are all the same length and I’ll obviously need them longer to reach the controller board. Do I just need to extend these wires or am I missing something in the setup?

Yeah. I know its a bummer.

I have been getting samples sent up the wazoo, I just could not get the new wires made correctly. I actually just paid for the first batch to be shipped less than ten minutes ago. I have never had such a hard time before with wires. The last batch was sent to me hand glued, into a 6 ribbon cable…What!?! Previous batch was completely wrong gauge. The one that was good before that they tried to more than double the price with shipping. Nothing back from one of the US company’s and I put out another US quote earlier today. I am in a weird place of not enough quantity for US companies to pay attention, and too much for air freight from other countries, and not enough for the slow boat.

Uhhhh, I think the new LowRider design could help to get me over this hurdle.

Sorry I had to vent, I spent the last 2 hours dealing with it. I hope it is finalized after all these months.

Understood, and no worries on my end. Just means I have to head to store I like going to to get stuff I like to get to do something I REALLY like to do. I guess you can take the blame for that!

Hope you get your logistics issues resolved with less pain. You’re doing awesome stuff here and folks are absolutely into this! May need to get ahold of the person who did the conduit cut calculator and add in some wire lengths! Hang in there!!

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