Rambo Z_HOME_DIR change

Hello lowrider community,

I am in the process of building a lowrider 2 for plasma cutting.

I just tried to change the Z_HOME_DIR direction from +1 to -1. This results in the following error message in the current Rambo firmware (V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR-

In file included from /Users/shmoo/Documents/projekte/plasma-table/V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR-,
from /Users/shmoo/Documents/projekte/plasma-table/V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR-,
from /Users/shmoo/Documents/projekte/plasma-table/V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR-,
from /Users/shmoo/Documents/projekte/plasma-table/V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR-
/Users/shmoo/Documents/projekte/plasma-table/V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR- error: ‘Z_MIN’ was not declared in this scope

----- shortened from here for better readability

Does anyone else have the same problem and may have found a solution for it. If I keep +1 the project compiles without problems. I am grateful for any suggestions.

When you change the homing direction, you’ll be homing toward the Z_Min switich instead of Z_Max, so you need to have that directive un-commented, and move the physical switch to that connection.

We made a few changes to make it home up, and probe down. We connect the zprobe to zmin, so we cleared some things for zmin and set the zprobe to that endstop.

This is the script we use to set all of that:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me so quickly and easily. I have now made it. My naive assumption as a beginner was really that it is enough to simply change the Z_HOME_DIR direction. There is still much for me to learn.

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