RAMPS 1.4 Complete Kit Out of Stock

I have been waiting to buy the RAMPS kit from here for my project, but it has been out of stock. Any idea of when it will be back in stock? Are these genuine Arduino and RAMPS boards or knock offs? When looking on Amazon I can find the boards, but they are all knock offs and would cost more buying the drivers and boards separate compared to the current kit price. Are there quality alternatives for me to purchase? Thanks.


They are not made by Arduino.cc (Arduino is open source and actually encourages other people to make the boards - they just ask that people call it Arduino compatible in the US – because they own the Arduino trademark here – while outside the US even that isn’t required). Consider the ones from Arduino.cc to be part equipment costs and part donation to the project for future development - the Chinese made ones generally work just the same though.

If you click on the photo on the link you posted you will actually see ‘Made in China’ so they are legally presenting themselves as not Arduino.cc which are labeled Made in Italy.

Thanks. I ended up just buying off of Amazon. I got a 5 pack of the drivers that hopefully 3 or 4 work. I can see why just buying the full hardware kit is worth it. Shopping around is no fun.

Haha. Back in stock. And here I just ordered them a few days ago from Amazon. That’s just my luck.