Ramps 1.4 LCD blue light display only

Hi Guys,
Can I ask for advice I can’t figure out on what to do my LCD shows Blue light only. I already uploaded the marlin firmware and it still not working.

I’m using ramps 1.4 and FULL GRAPHIC SMART CONTROLLER, BIG for my LCD

The blue screen usually means that the two cables from the Ramps to the Graphic controller are swapped, or need to be twisted (you may need to trim the key from the plug to get it to fit when twisted).

I ran into the same problem and that’s what I did and everything started working.

Mike B.


Thank you Mike it works great :smiley: now i can continue my build

Glad to help. I’m still quite new in this forum and it feel great to add to the community support.


What did you do exactly? I have the same issue…

Blue screen usually means the cables are flipped or reversed. Assuming you have the right firmware on it.

If you can’t get it, try opening a new issue and post some details and we can help you out.