Ramps 1.4 no holding torque after move.

This is my second mpcnc build first one has a Rambo board and runs perfectly. and the second one I’m using a Ramps 1.4 I had laying around and some steppers I had gotten from eBay awhile ago. When I first built mpcnc I used the three driver setup and worked fine. I decided to go dual endstop and converted wiring and added the extra drivers now I have no holding torque on motors and when it running three of the motors are easily stalled with finger pushing on it. Voltage on all the drivers is around 1.0 all help appreciated

Did you flash the dual endstop firmware (just double checking)? See what is going on with your power supply. Check the voltage after a fresh reset and the voltage after you have enabled all three axes.

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Yes flashed with dual endstop firmware. i will check power supply after work. Was thinking of just ordering steppers and Rambo and power supply so both setups are the same. I love the first one I built. And it was a kit I bought from this site. Was trying to save money. Thanks for the help.

Tried ordering stuff said you didn’t have all the steppers do you know when your getting more. Said you had two. I need five

I updated that, I have a few hundred on hand.

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