ramps 1.4 power supply

Hi Folks,

Slowly been building the awesome MPCNC, great work Vicious1 !!

Recently have been working on electronics,

I have arduino mega clone with ramps 1.4 , driver a4988 with LCD

With the power supply - 12 volt 6 amps

I seem to be able to successfully uploaded some firmware to board powered by USB,

Issue was when I went to plug in to 240 volt, tripped a fuse

When I tried to power it up I did not have any Stepper drivers connected - Is there any possibility the 6 amps is too much for ramps board without being connected to nema’s ?

Also could I have wired it up to both power inputs at the same time?


cheers for any advice,




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p.s. I have re-uploaded firmware and now getting logo on lcd when connected to usb (so board not completely fried)

Prior to this i did notice one of the heatsinks on driver very close to shorting out some pins, which may have been problematic !



You can go many Amps over 5 without a problem, it will only take what it needs UNLESS you have a short.
Disconnect your PSU from the Ramps, does it blow a fuse.
Do you have a volt meter, check output from PSU (not connected to anything)
Remove the drivers.
Connect PSU, if it is OK then –
Plug in one driver at a time (WITH the POWER OFF) and check, .



update - board is working fine - I reflashed firmware and moved heatsink a little , No more blown fuses,

next step will be to adjust voltage to stepper drivers, (and firmware tweaks )