Ramps 1.5????

This is a new one, came with my most rect order to try out I guess. Biggest question, soldered on single use fuses or are they resettable somehow?

[attachment file=38297]

Looks sharp. If they are soldered on, I’m sure they are resettable.

They look like standard smd fuses, non-resettable.

They also look to me like a popped fuse means a solder job. :frowning:

Othwise pretty sweet!

I like the look of the 1.5. Matches the arduino blue pcb. What are the main differences? Are the fuses the only change?

With the mosfets dumping heat into the pcb it has a slightly higher power rating, but usually the problem is actually the green plug and it is the same. They fixed the wrong issue.

But the MOSFETs won’t short. I have two friends that have shorted those.

Is this that same board? I do like the way that it does not have so much vertical height.

$6.99 seems like a really inexpensive price for this.

They make pretty cheap coffee too.

I got a reply email from the company that sent it. I said what are the fuses rated at, the reply “they are really herd to blow”. I wont be buying any.