Ramps board

Uh Oh, so I was just looking at the new Ramps fw and for some reason I though the ramps was set to use 8825 drivers by default.
When I made my mpcnc, I just loaded the hex file and did not look.
The new fw shows the config to have 4988 drivers in it, so, that means that it is what is in the Hex file, correct?

Now, here is the real question, would my machine work if I have 8825 drivers, but the fw is for 4988? And if so, is there any harm?

I have a new ramps board that I will be hooking up soon, as I ruined mine with manual moves. So I think i need to make custom firmware for my set up, correct?

Thanks in advance!

o.k. so maybe I am wrong. There are 2 files, one is config.ini and configuration.h

.ini shows 4988 drivers, but the configuation.h shows 8825 drivers:
x_driver_type = A4988
y_driver_type = A4988
z_driver_type = A4988
e0_driver_type = A4988

#define X_DRIVER_TYPE DRV8825 // A4988
#define Y_DRIVER_TYPE DRV8825 // A4988
#define Z_DRIVER_TYPE DRV8825 // A4988

which i believe sets to 8825, correct?

I wish I had learned this part a long time ago!!!

The V1 maintained Marlin firmware is definitely DRV8825. I used it with DRV8825 drivers as a starting point for a non-MPCNC project. Not sure what role the config.ini file play in the build.

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