Ramps/Mega movement issues

So I got my mega flashed with the no lcd and 5/16 rod firmware last night (B16_32-LCD-112515).

I connected up my drivers and steppers. I can only get movement when I click on the home buttons. Nothing when I try to move them on the control screen. The server seems to think they have moved as the position indicator has moved on screen.

Power wise I only connected the outside set of positive and negative. Do both sets need to be connected? As far as I know the other set is for powering a hotend and bed which I do not have connected.

I have no end stops connected at the moment. Drivers are 8825 plugged in correctly with the pot facing the power plug.

Anyone know what is going on here?

It is behaving like you have endstops plugged in. Either you changed my firmware or you have something plugged in to an end stop port.

Nope. Just straight uploaded the firmware and only drivers and motors plugged in.

Check your ramps shield then sounds like you might have a short, or a bad board.
Inspect the board around and under the end stop pins. This happens, I have to test every axis on every single board I sell, usually sloppy solder is causing a short or your board is bad.

Ugh… Probably right. Cheap Chinese crap. Will inspect tonight.

Would it make any difference if I added that U8Glib… I was having issues uploading at first and so I added that library. But I see for this version of the firmware I do not need it.

No, the firmware doesn’t call it so it won’t get compiled in.

You can always try bending the endstop pins so they don’t plug into the arduino. The traces are easy to follow on the bottom of the shield.

If I am not mistaken there is a command I can run that would check the status of the end stops… That should tell me if there are shorting no?

Sure, I’m not sure what it is though.

Just found it… M119

All min and max endstops show open for x y and z

was getting a checksum error as well but i think that is because I dont have an sd card reader

would the mintemp error cause this?

1 pin is loose. The single pin just above all the end stop pins. Its label 12c on my ramps what does that one do?

Yes, you didn’t put the resistor on?

… son of a bitch. I figured for just movement the temp wouldnt matter. Good thing I have 3 or 4 spare thermistors kicking around. I will try that tomorrow.

Any idea what that loose pin does?

removed… would not have worked.

SUCCESS… I can move them! Printing of the new center has started… Hopefully about a week and I can get this thing dirty!

Thanks for your help Ryan