Ramps problem

I have finished assembling my machine electronics and Still I am not able to get it to respond with any of my computers I have tried with mac air, windows xp laptop, windows vista laptop and no results I have tested movement via my LCD screen control knob connected to the ramps and it does move. Is there a way to check on the board as I have connected the arduino mega 2560 and it is seen by all laptops?? I am at a loss for what to do?

What have you tried? Are you installing arduino first, does it connect?

I have gone again over all 3 my hp running on vista is connected at 115200 baud port 4 thru the lcd prior to connecting it displayed mpcnc once connected displayed ete. Still nothing is moving ?? on error screen

attached smaller photo

wrong baud rate, 250000

Did you install adruino and its provided drivers first? Does arduino connect?

The arduino does connect I did install the arduino 1.69 developer console and have not uploaded anything for the board since it was prepared by you
Is there any thing else I should have uploaded. ?

Just change the baud rate in repetier you should be fine.

Repetier does connect to the system it just gives the errors shown in the previous pictures it seems to work ok using usb card on my lcd sreen launched from the card. Ps the ramp lcd screen does not stay on unless connected to the computer do I need to do the bridge described for the 3d printer for it to work independently from the usb for power?

I’m not sure what the bridge is?
Sounds like your voltage regulator on the mega went out.

That opengl error you are getting doesn’t have anyhting to do with the arduino I don’t think. Maybe uninstall and reinstall repetier or try matter control maybe.