Random pauses during cuts?

So, I’ve been experiencing a new issue and I have no idea the cause of it. sometimes my gcode just pauses. its not in the gcode itself and its never the same even with the same gcode it seems completely random and unpredictable. Anyone have any clues what might be causing this?

What are your rapid speeds set at? What board are you using? How are you generating your gcode?

estlcam, 1/8 inch plywood, xy speed is 11, z speed is 2.5.


Its very weird when it pauses, it will pause for upwards of a full minute then suddenly go back to work. I’m thinking it could be an SD card issue because I had it do a random unrequested line during a print just now and it smells like data corruption.

I’m not sure what you mean by rapid speeds, I assume this is the speed between moving after each cut when not actually cutting (moving the z up and just getting somewhere) it will pause during the middle of a cut, not when its moving.


I found it, rapid speeds are 2100 xy, and 480z

What board and what firmware?

Z should have a plunge and a rapid speed what are they both set at? What leadscrew or allthread?


I ask this specifically because it sounds like this is wrong, but is different for each board and firmware. When the speed is wrong you flood the processor and get pauses and reboots if it is too far off.

Ah, I have the kit I bought from you; but I have replaced the mega board because the old one blew, It is however flashed with the latest firmware and was working fine for a long time sense then.

What firmware mine or estlcam?

If it is mine those rapids are fine and there is another issue if it is estlcam then that is probably the issue and should use mine until it gets sorted.

I’m using your firmware.

Try putting your gcode in a folder on your SD card, sounds ridiculous but could work. You LCD cables aren’t longer than 2’ each?

Try using arcs or turning them off.

Are you using Tricoidal?

Lots of details would make this faster.

Looks like the issue was the SD card had gone bad, just did another test with a new SD card and it didnt pause this time, there was another issue but I suspect that one is just because I’m still tweaking the spindle speeds and rates and my Y axis seems to have a little wobble in it.

actually it seems the issue was much more strange. I was placing the control panel on top of the power supply for my spindle and it seems that thing is emitting all kinds of noise because thats the source of all the strangeness, now that I’ve moved it away just a few inches everything has returned to normal. really weird!

That can’t be good. Make sure your ground is in place and working sounds like that PS is questionable.