Random Stuff I have made

Hy guys,

my name is Michael, I am from Austria and want to show you some of my builds I have made with the MPCNC.

These cutting boards are made from pear wood. I have cut the outer lines, the groove and the letters with the MPCNC and filled the letters afterwards with epoxy. after sanding it has a very smooth surface. I used a 1mm bit for the letters which works fine.

Attached you can find some similar projects with epoxy, the fish one is my favourite - it’s perfect for filleting fish. For all of these projects I used pear or apple wood.

PS: as a new user I can only add 1 picture so I had to put them all together…


Nice work!!

I love that bench, I could use something like that around here. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the Crew!

Here is a second picture, I cut the metal fish on the sides with the laser at work.
Love that the MPCNC allows to machine wood that is way bigger than its working area!

I can send the dxf of the fish for the sides if anynone wants to build this.


I would love to have a look at your build. Primo or Burly?

Burly, build this when there was no 25mm version of Primo. I only got this picture on my laptop. When moving into the new workshop is completed I will show my build in a new topic. Myabe until then I have upgraded it to Primo but will still be all in black :grin:
Working area is 720mm x 610mm

On this picture you can see a vice mounted to the table, very handy for small parts to machine.

(Yes I know the bottom corners are assembled wrong, made a mistake but figured out it’s no problem at all so I left it this way - never touch a running system)