RBG Silhouette

I think I finally have something worthy of posting. I made this for one of my History teachers at the school where I work. It’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a quote. It’s roughly 18" x 18"


Well Done! :+1:

Details to follow?

Sure, it’s 1/2" pine (3/4" planed down) with a black satin stain. Cut with the 1/8" v-bit from Ryan for the carving, although I did trick the GCode file into cutting an extra .25 mm deep because the font I used had those really skinny tails that were just barely scratching on the first one I made. A little bit deeper made a big difference. Then I did the cutout with the 1/8" flat end mill also from Ryan.


Looks great, those are two tricky fonts and it looks like you nailed them! MPCNC or LR?

About how long did that take on the CNC? 35 min?

The engrave takes 20 minutes and the cut out takes 10 minutes. The cut out is 2mm of depth at a time so 6 passes. I could probably push the speeds a little but I am happy with the results so I don’t think I need to.

I used a very sharp xacto knife to clean a few wood fibers from some of the edges of the letters.

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Love it, thanks for the info!