Really digging my new 3d printer!

Prints soo much better than the old one!

[attachment file=“railcore.png”]


[attachment file=“untitled.png”]

[attachment file=“untitled.jpg”]

[attachment file=“untitled (1).jpg”]

Hahahahahahaha! So I uploaded my screenshot, but I guess there was already an “untitled.png” on the forum server, so it used that instead. My second post I just tried some random image names…

Oh, that is not supposed to happen. Dang it.

Printed clips for some Lifx tiles in Shaneh’s office. They’re not supposed to be ceiling mounted, and I didn’t really trust the command strips that were sticking them to the ceiling. Though they’ve been up there for a week so far without the clips.

That looks nice, futuristic, but subtle.

They’re way better than the little can lights in the office now. Some of them are starting to go out, but they have transformers in the ceiling, so I can’t just replace them without cutting them out. That got a firm no. :lol: