Really like this guy's wall mounted circular saw sled / rig

I really like this guy’s wall mounted circular saw sled / rig. You can see it near the start of his video (10 seconds in, and the link has time index in it): Amazing Fine adjustment mechanism using screws - YouTube

I am seriously considering adapting the LowRider X-axis sled approach (pipes/bearings method) to create something similar…

Although I’ve got a set of linear rods with slide shuttles (with bearings) that could be used for it, I purchased that set for another project I’m planning on doing. And I’ve got a supply of electrical conduit pipe that could be used.

Here’s a screen grab of his setup. Notice he appears to be using a weight to counterbalance the saw + sled rig. If you look closely you can see the connection little wire rounding a pulley and attaching to the saw/rig.


Video link: Amazing Fine adjustment mechanism using screws - YouTube

It has a hidden counter weight and everything. So precise!

I would love to make something like this. I am not sure I would get enough use out of it.

It certainly would use a lot less space that a miter saw with stand though. That is very tempting.

I wonder if there is a video about just this saw.

There are a bunch of neat machines and guides in this channel. Here is the panel saw:

And there are plans: <span itemprop="name">[Plan]丸鋸スライドガイドのプラン</span> | 自作工房. But they look like they are for the horizontal version. Maybe they are similar enough to not matter. I would probably buy the plans, look through them, and then make my own (just to support the person).

Thanks for sharing. Really neat stuff.

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I know, right? Neat stuff!

I think the plan for the thing works for horizontal and can work for vertical with just the added counterbalance weight, etc.

I am so glad you found the plans! Thank you!

Re. “support the person”

I agree. And this on the page: “Blueprints are on sale for 1200 yen”

I ran the conversion. 1200 yen is only $10.07.

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About the time I got started on my LR2 project, I came up with this. I’ve got 6’ tubes on it now, so it can handle 4’ material as a panel saw. Those are LR2 X bearing blocks on 1" DOM The end caps holding the tube are 3 layers of 12mm plywood glued together, cut on the Primo.

Mine’s less fancy though with no amazing fine adjustment mechanism, counterbalance, or anything. It just sits against the wall and makes vertical cuts. It’s been adjusted to cut square to the base, which is basically what I need it for.


Dan, the man, you are the man! That’s an example of what I was meaning by combining the LowRider method with his approach! Helpful to see what you did! Thanks!

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I’m intending to make myself one of these wall hanging panel saw / sled outfits.

I’m thinking pretty seriously about using this saw for it:

…because it…

  • comes with a dust port out of the box.
  • uses the same type of multi material blade that comes in their “cold cut” chop saws — it can cut steel, wood, wood with nails, etc.
  • Price is nice.


(*affiliate link)

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PS: The pricing of 316L polished steel tubes has really gone through the roof recently. Is there an affordable alternative that would give good results?

@SupraGuy mentioned DOM, so I looked it up. Seems it is more affordable than the stainless steel I used on my LowRider. I found what seems like a decent price on it here: Steel DOM Round Tubing | Midwest Steel & Aluminum

Also, what about the “black pipe” sold at home improvement stores with threaded ends? (It is commonly used for pipe clamps.) Is it usable? Or not good enough in its qualities?

That black pipe is not the right size. None of the V1 machines is made for it.

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Is the only problem on the black pipe the size? I could remix the parts to fit the size.

That black pipe is sold based on I.D. sizing. The O.D. of 3/4" I.D. black pipe is 1.05" — that’s pretty close to the 1.0" tubing I used for my LowRider 2.

If you’re just using the rollers, scaling by 5% won’t hurt. We’ve had people try bigger pipe to build the CNCs and it makes cascading problems.

But it might with for the saw sled.


Thanks! I’m going to give this a try, using some of the 1.05" OD black pipe I already had. Worst case scenario, if it does not work as intended, I’ll be out nothing but some printed plastic and time.

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Just chuck the pipe up in your lathe (it is big enough, right) and trim that 0.025" off the outside. :slight_smile:

LOL. I found the same kind of pipe but without the black paint. That’s gotta be worth at least 0.0001 right?

Seriously, I remixed the LowRider X_mount to accommodate for the size difference, and I am already off to the races. I’ve printed and assembled my 4 X mounts, test fitted them on the pipe (went great), and I’m soon to start on the rest.

I guess I need to start a new thread to chronicle my build on my take of this panel saw / wall mounted circular saw sled / rig. I will do that and come back to post a link.

Here we go:

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