Recognizing printer on Repetier

I’m unclear how I’m supposed to have Repetier recognize the board. I have it all hooked up and plugged in but I haven’t found any instructions on how to connect. Below is the errors that come up when I click the connect button on Repetier. Any help would be much appreciated.

Purchased electronics (+wiring kit) from vicious. Running windows xp. Not experienced when it comes to arduino or electronics.


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Running windows XP, you might need different drivers, I haven’t used XP in forever. I think it will work, not positive.

Try unplugging everything, close repetier, install the arduino software from their website, load the drivers when asked, restart the computer, try again.

I have the arduino software installed and I just tried installing the drivers as in this guide ( but where they are able to have the wizard install it, I get a different window that says software could not be found (screen cap below). Which is annoying because I could look in the Arduino -> Drivers folder and find the actual driver. It’s Arduino Mega 2560, right? I’m pretty frustrated and am trying to find the path of least resistance to get this thing working. Should I get a different windows version?

Thanks for the help

I don’t own a windows xp computer so the only help I could give would be from google searches. If you have a LCD you don’t need to connect to the computer at all, if that helps.

The Megas are not Arduino factory boards, they are Chinese clones. I’ve had luck with the mac version of this driver.
Its hard to make out but looks like its compatible with windows XP.

Thanks Cody.

That driver did it.