recommended bit for cutting 3mm carbon fiber sheets

Hey guys,

Didn’t know if anyone could recommend a specific bit (reasonably priced) for cutting 3mm carbon fiber sheets. I’m currently using 1/8" wood/laminate bits on my dewalt 660 spindle with wood. I’ve been searching and I guess a 1/8" carbide bit would be the way to go? Any recommendations or direct links that someone could point me to based on their experience? Thanks!

I have a friend who’s been cutting CF sheets to make multirotor frames for about two years. He swears by these bits:

He also said:

Note - he’s using a shapeoko not a MPCNC.

I plan on giving it a try soon I still need a better spindle, just been using my old dremel to play around for now but will be picking up a 660 soon. Also I need to buy some CF sheet :smiley:

I did order these bits: They’re a bit cheaper but also a bit smaller diameter - so more likely to get broken. But for me to play around with the price was too good to pass up. (I was just looking to buy some O-Flue endmills for cutting lexan and acrylic but tossed those in since it saved me money on shipping vs. buying them later.)