Recommended chinese parts?


This is my first post the the forum. First of all, thanks to vicious1 for putting up this design for free, and thanks for all the informative posts on this forum!

I live in Norway, and it’s quite expensive to import the necessary parts from The price will be doubled because og high taxes, import fees and postage costs to Norway. Because of this, I’m trying to find part on AliExpress and other Chinese sites. I have read a lot of people buying chinese parts, but I can’t find too much information about exactly which parts they have bought.

Does anyone have a “part list” including links from AliExpress or other Chinese sites?

I just bought this Ramps 1.4, Arduino clone and stepper drivers from AliExpress:

I’m having trouble finding stepper motors, bearing etc, that people can confirm that works OK. Does anyone have a shopping list? Feedback is really appreciated!

Erik from Norway

I got almost all my parts from aliexpress or whatever it’s called. The arduino clone, the ramps board, the stepper motors, the bearings, the stepper drivers. It’s all on there. Just search the part number Ryan lists in the BOM.

Good luck and welcome.

Thank you for your reply, Justin. I didn’t think about searching for the part numbers, thanks.

Anyways, I’m still having problems finding OK priced stepper motors. Because of import rules in Norway, I want to buy the motors separately, not in a 5 pack. The motors listed by Ryan is found here at AliExpress, but the price imported to Norway will still be almost the double of the price on Amazon.

Does anyone have any tip for a good steppermotor at AliExpress sold in single-pices, with free postage? :wink:

I just found this stepper motor, which I hope is OK. I’ll try to create a list of chinese parts when I have ordered everything!