Record lathe overhead

Took way too much inspiration from Ryan and ended up building an overhead/record lathe referenced from way too many photos.

Much better than my last attempt. I hope you don’t mind me redesigning and re purposing the Lowrider V2 sides and outright stealing the MPCNC feet!

Best thing is that it works and it works pretty well. I might post a video up at some point.


Wait, what?! So many questions.

This carves new records? What does the stepper do? Why are there 4 connections to the tip? Where do you get blanks? What are you recording?


I love it.


I’ll give you this slightly embarrassing and awkward video where it shows my optional design from 12 months ago, I am a bit wiser now though.


I’m cutting blanks from polycarbonate on the lowrider these days, I’ve got the 4 connections because I running quad shield coax from a 400w power amp and my sound guy said that’s the way to go, something about high capacitance running speaker signal (+ and -) through a coax.


I’ve really been pushing to get this together and professional for the opening of a new store I’ve been working on with some friends that specializes in local band and art stuff, so it’s mainly local bands, short runs…

I’m only interesting blanks with tungsten and Sapphire stylus which gives me up to 8 and 12khz frequency response (so both lofi and midfi) I’m hoping to switch to diamond early next year which should give me 16khz stereo…


The stepper motor advances the carriage which sits in that greased aluminium channel.

There's also a little servo o lift and drop the cutting head. I'm hoping to figure something else out for that mechanism cause it is a bit bung.

I’ve also gotten a haircut since that video was filmed…

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I had no idea that was even possible.

Too cool. Looks like a fun project.

Awesome!! Had no idea.