Red, Black, and Wheels

Alco, they have a few shops in northern Cali I think. It is 1" OD non-polished.


Don’t tell me that…I am assuming he gave you the parts as the license they are released under… he can’t sell them.

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They come with a sealer but I think I read it was just kerosene? After a few test runs I will take a picture to see how it looks.

I love the tape measure trick. Your list just shows 3/8" wire sleeve, did you just use the one size? Put the 1/2" tape inside one and then slip that into the same size sleeve? Or did you use a slightly larger sleeve for the outer one?

That is all in the one size in the shop. I cut the ends of the tape smooth and round with kitchen scissors and put a piece of tape over it to prevent cutting anything. I love it so far, no issues.

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So Ryan I have 20’ of braided cable cover I got from you, think that’s enough to do a 20" x24" build? I really like the tape idea… and your DOPE build!

Have you thought about incorporating that into the MP3DP? How do you mount it to the parts?

A few times over. I don’t use it in the tubes, that is where I fold and store the extra wire length.


Well I have now! I just have it zip tied to the plastic or steppers. There does not seem to be much force because I keep them slightly pre-kinked.


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My new band name

Dang it the new prototype Dual endstop wiring finally showed up…Would to have loved to use it on this build.

[attachment file=57702]
Plain ribbon, on direction red wire. Paired with a Rambo or Archim it is pretty easy to use.

Wasn’t that your nickname in high school?

If you want to keep the black, you could go nuts and get carbon fiber tubing… obviously you’d need to get OD measurements that they don’t post.

The point load of the bearings would really kill the CF.

So that's my prototype "Also das gibt mein Prototyp"