Repeteir Upgrade give 'Z' Axis Issues

I recently upgraded Repetier to 2.0.2 and started immediately having Z axis issues. Either it refuses to move under manual, or it randomly decides to go UP when when you click DOWN… if you do an “emergency stop” then let it reconnect, it’ll execute one more command correctly and then stop responding as well. X & Y work fine… I tinkered with it for awhile (unsuccessfully) and then 2.0.5 came out… I figured they’d noticed the issue and released a fix… no such luck…

is anyone else having this sort of thing happen? or ideas on how to address it?


What are your speeds settings, homing feed rates, manual feed rates?

Sorry for the delay, life keeps you busy sometimes…

Oddly, I’m not even getting to feed rates on anything. I can’t even drop the Z down to the work surface without either turning the pineapple for 5 minutes or clicking down 10, then emergency stop, down 10, emergency stop, etc…

I’m still setting up for a print !!!

Everything was running fine, I use the setting that I got from here when I purchased my MPCNC. It’s been working great… then I upgraded Repetier and immediately this started happening.




In repetier, is what I was asking about.

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