Repetier Firmware instead of Marlin

I have always used Repetier Firmware for my 3D printer. It allows you to make EEPROM changes from Repetier Host. This option is only available for Repetier Firmware.

I have the Marlin loaded but would like to switch to Repetier.

Does anyone have a Repetier version of the Firmware working that they would share?

Here is a copy of the one i have been using i have been changing some of the settings manually so the configuration string at the bottom of the configuration.h file will not be right (420 KB)

Thanks Jason!

For the record you can use repetier host to make eeprom changes on Marlin, I do it all the time. You can also use repetier-server to upload new versions of Marlin if you’re using rep-server on something like a raspPi (I use a $9 C.H.I.P on my 3D printer.) It’s just a little trickier since you have to enable an extra option in arduino so it tells you where the .hex file it creates is so you can select it to upload.