Repetier host and @isathome

When using repetier host after a home command it things Z = 200. I have been sending redefine Z and @isathome command to set it to the correct Z. Is there a way to make it not need to do this (change the 200 to a 50 somewhere in settings?

Also whats the best way to stop things and recover when it tries to move someplace beyond its travel? I have been having to cycle power to the SKR and then shutting down Repetier host because hitting kill seems to just lock everything up.

You can set the max Z size in the configuration.h before compiling. AFAIK, it isn’t stored in EEPROM as something you can change with gcode.

Can you make a repetier macro button to home, set G92 and also call isathome?

The machine trying to jump out of bounds is always something that will be trouble. There is an emergency parser, but M112 will also require a restart to clear.