Repetier host connection with mini Rambo

Trying to use repetier to control the mpcnc I got it hooked up and repetier said it’s hooked up but when I try to move the xyz axis nothing happens. Coordinates change on repetier not on lcd. I purchased the board from V1 pre loaded.
Am I missing something, thanks

Can you post a picture of the board and a screenshot of repetier after it has connected?

image image
Here’s the pictures thanks

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Last line on the screen is a red one saying not connected. Repetier is not great at letting you know that. Make sure you have the correct COM port selected, baud rate of 250000, and you are NOT using reptier SERVER.

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I have the usb on (com4) but the baud only goes up to 128000. I have no idea what to do i googled it and it looks like i need to change the firmware is this right just using repetier host no server, 112500 tries to connect but still nothing.
thank again for the help

If server is installed it will take the port it installs by default so check it it caused me trouble for 2 days

Where are you trying to change that? Reptier host has a baud rate setting under the com port in settings.

on my laptop when i open device manager and go to com ports/properties the default baud rate is 9600 it will not go above 128000 (no 250000)
on repetier program i match what i select in device manager

thants Tim i double checked and don’t see server installed anywhere

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Are you sure you have the right com port? Does it disappear when you unplug it? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven’t seen this problem before.

yes…It behaves like its connected but i have no control, it could be something i’m doing wrong kinda new at this stuff. I’m using com port 4 at bits per second rate of 115200.
I appreciate you helping out

Try this

image image
This is mine

This is what I have in device manager

The setting within Device Manager has no effect. You can could leave it at 9600 and it wouldn’t prevent connecting at 250000. As for why 250000 is not showing up as an option, I am baffled. Maybe it’s USB 1.1 low speed? Although even then I would think 250kbps would be easily possible. Try a different USB port on your computer perhaps?

Unfortunately, RH isn’t very good at giving feedback when you are not connected. There is no way you are connecting at 115.2k. The board is configured to talk only at 250k. I am worried you have some other com port on your PC (they are often in there for other peripherals like screen dimmers and stuff).

As Jamie said, you should change baudrate in Repetier host, that screen in your first screenshot.