Repetier preview doesn't look right from ESTLCAM

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this weird preview? I used a trace bitmap from Inkscape to ESTLCam and then to Repetier and that was worse, and then I traced all the lines manually with the bezier pen in Inkscape and that got better. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

I haven’t ran the program yet, worried it will actually try to run these cut lines.

This is the second topic I’ve seen with this issue. I don’t know the reason, but likely a bug in Repetier-Host. If you are concerned, I suggest dropping your g-code into a g-code simulator like this one. In the other topic, the g-code simulated fine, and I assume it cut fine, but I did not hear back from the OP after I simulated the g-code to conform it did not look like the preview.

So I have been having this issue as well. The issue I believe is how Repetier is interpreting the arc commands in the GCODE. You can see that wherever there is “outward” facing arc that transitions into another arc that it just for some reason takes a lap all the way around the circle before moving to the next arc.

The most annoying part is in makes the estimated job time WAY higher due to the all the false travel. However, the GCODE still works as expected. Although the preview looks insane and the job time is wrong, it will still operate correctly.

Hope they fix it soon

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Looks like this bug was introduced after 2.2.2, I was searching for a solution since 2 days.
My Toolchain is Inkscape => FreeCad => Repetier.

I recently did update Repetier-Host from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 this introduces the error for me.
Rolling back to 2.2.2 the issue is gone.
Maybe this works for you as well?

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Here the same with v2.2.2



Just finished my LR2 build and was gonna crown test but the repetier preview didnt look right. For some odd reason Ryan’s crown test gcode looks fine though.

Rolling back to version 2.2.2 fixed the preview. Thanks for your help.