Repetier Server and multiple machines connected

I have noticed that when I have my CNC and my 3d printer plugged in an configured in Repetier server it seems to crash and reboot the computer a lot. Does anyone else have this issue or know what the fix is?

My fix will be very soon a dedicated computer for cnc and a separate one for the 3d printer.

My repetier host also crashes a lot when it finishes slicing and switches to the preview screen. As soon as I try to move rotate the model it barfs.

I run repetitive server with a 3D printer and a laser cnc on the same machine (raspberry pi 3). I get similar symptoms if I try to run both off USB power. Crash reboot, crash reboot. One or the other is fine, just not both. I removed one of the diodes on the 3D printer to prevent it from powering from USB. Looked like it was pulling too much power on my setup. After diode removal I can run both all the time.

What board did your printer have? To go have a diagram of which diode needs to be removed? What did you then use for power?

Mine use uno’s and mega’s.

If you look at most arduino’s, between the USB and the power regulator is a tiny 3 pin chip.

All removing it does is cut power between the USB and the rest of the device. It still powers from the vin pin and the circular power connector, etc. it just no longer will pull power from the USB.

Now… Before you do this, you can tell if it will help you. If you power the device from the vin pin or the circular connector, that diode won’t conduct and it shouldn’t pull power from USB and your computer shouldn’t crash. If powering one still shows crashes, power both externally, and if it still crashes, then this won’t fix it.

That said, here’s a picture of the chip in question. The tweezer points to it.

Thanks for the detailed response.

Solved the problem… Threw together a separate machine to run the cnc.