repetierhost under Linux, connect but no communication

The title says it. I get a connect, but repetierhost can not send anything under Linux(Debian). Who can help?

I already tried two different computers, port is recognised. I varied baud rates with no success and now out of clue. :frowning:

Have you had any luck, fixing the issue? I just installed the Linux PC, that should sit besides by machine, and I have the same problem. I can connect, but I get “Communication Timeout” errors all the time.

As searching for problems and only finding questions without solutions sucks:

I had to change the baud rate down, to have it work correctly. Just download the firmware and change the value until it works!

Same issue here. I also had to run repetier-host as root to even connect. Changed the baud rate 115200 and I no longer need to be root to connect and it works.