Reset while milling in z direction


I have just started and may be it is just a user failure, here a description of my issue:

I’d like to mill a 9mm plywood to mount some components. I created a .dxf file and processed it with Estlcam, I set a cutting depth of 10mm and loaded the file to Repetier. I moved to the starting point and set the milling tool slightly above the plywood and reset the axis to zero. After starting Repetier, MPCNC moves to the first position to drill a hole, it moves downwards and suddenly stops doing a reset causing Repetier to stop. I have repeated it and the behaviour remains the same. What am I doing wrong? Is there a parameter to set the maximal intrusion and if it is harmed a reset it triggered?

For further information about the machine, I flashed Marlin RC7 from Vicious, no endstops, test with pen worked fine.

What version of estlcam and what is your plunge speed?

Its V10.012, plunge speed 500mm/min with a 3mm tool

I did not find out what exactly happened, but I recreated the nc file and now it was possible to finish the milling as expected.