Resurrecting my MPCNC - how to affix wasteboard?

I have a basement now instead of just an apartment! So I’m finally setting up my MCNC I built around 2 years ago for woodworking. I never got a chance to use it for wood, so I never properly affixed a wasteboard to it.

Do you all have any advice on the best way to solidly attach the wasteboard? Should I just screw it into the main bottom board with wood screws? That doesn’t seem like a good long term solution.

I’ve attached a photo of my wasteboard system complete with M5 threaded inserts for clamping - hooray! It’s sitting on top of the main board that I previously used. What would you do? I’m probably overthinking this…

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Mine is screwed down. Just countersink the screws about half way through the board. I only have them in the corners.

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Mine is just screwed down, countersunk but also outside the reachable area so i dont have to worry about hitting the screws with the cutting bit.

Your inserts don’t look too deep so be careful you don’t cut much below your workpiece.

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