Retraction - Repeier irmware or slic3r?

This is about printing parts on my 3d printer, so not the official MPCNC Marlin

I am confused about how retraction is applied.

It can be enabled and configured in firmware, and also in the Slic3r config.

There is a “use firmware retraction” option in Slic3r, but the tool tip says it’s a Marlin feature.

Which takes precedence? Or do they both operate independently? Ideally I would leave the firmware settings in control, then I could use on the fly changes to tune retraction. Drew a blank researching this one!

Firmware retraction is an advanced feature of the marlin firmware. If you have a look in there it gets explained pretty well along with a full description on the marlin firmware site.

Best to get your printer running perfectly with normal retraction before you decide to experiment with firmware retraction.

You can not use the firmware retraction without enabling it and tuning it in the firmware first. At that point you would only use it, not the software version.

The other cool feature is volumetric extrution, but i would guess you would really need some good quality filament that does not vary in size. Both combined are supposed to really fine tune your prints. I have not used either.

I am using Repetier Firmware, which I have tonight discovered has retraction enabled by default.

Slic3r is bundled with Repetier Host, and in this instance also comes with default settings of retraction on.

If they are both operating, then this would be strange as this means anyone who downloads Repetier firmware and host will have doubled up settings.

I will raise a question about this on the Repetier forums (I started asking all my questions here because I am getting the right answers quickly).


I have no experience with repetier firmware at this time. Sorry. But unless you set the retaction distance and filament diameter in the firmware it is not on. Some people use 1.75 some use 3mm. Im not sure that those can be set from the gcode, maybe, like i said i have never used either. Im very happy with how my printers print and don’t thi k any extra tweaking would make a substantial difference to my print quality at this point.