Retrofit of a mpcnc with guts cheap chinese laser

Has any one tried modding the mpcnc to use a Chinese 40w Co2 laser they run about $300 on ebay and making a new enclosure for the whole thing?

It comes up from time to time. I think it comes down to why bother, just switch out the weird board they use for something else (ramps, tinyg, smoothie, ect.) It is best to keep it safely contained. Unless maybe you had a need for a really large one?

I am completely ignorant about lasers. I have been reading I would like to engrave in metal perhaps cut in the future along with wood and such I have seen us made machines the prices are out of this world I figured that an awesome platform like the mpcnc with a high quality laser ie. not Chinese would do the trick but just as a test I thought of theirs. ? thoughts ideas and such. ps all is working fabulous on my end heater, extrude, board, the whole enchilada thank you for all the help.

I have a large laser supplier nearby, and I can’t get anywhere near the price of a whole import machine, for just the laser power supply and optics locally. Bummer but maybe soon the prices will drop.